Maybe He Just Thought It Was Italian: Fed-Ex Man Rolls Fragile Package To Porch, Breaking The Toilet Inside

November 8, 2018

Because 'fragile' and 'this end up' mean different things to different people (and nothing to some delivery people), this is a Ring doorbell video of a Fed-Ex guy rolling a box that's clearly marked fragile with this end up arrows to a recipient's front porch and shattering the toilet inside in the process. Sadly, now that toilet will never get to experience a real shattering like it was meant to. You can actually hear it very broken inside the box at the end of the video. Now I understand not every delivery person has muscles like mine *flexes, kisses bicep, wonders where all these bruises came from* but do these trucks not have dollies? My dad always taught me, a job worth doing is worth doing right. "Then how do you explain Geekologie?" I hope the delivery man drop-kicks your next package to the door, I really do.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to my buddy Dave L, who agrees it's a shame that toilet didn't live to see the results of a late night Taco Bell run. That's what toilets live for.

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