Jeep Tries To Rip Itself Apart After Getting Stuck In Mud Hole

November 21, 2018


Note: Some colorful language.

This is a video of a Jeep Cherokee trying to disassemble itself after getting stuck in a mud hole. It then briefly tries to reassemble itself before deciding, screw it, I'm better off like Humpty Dumpty. Speaking of -- whatever happened to that guy anyways? "One hell of a giant omelet." *bowing* Your majesty!

Keep going for the whole video. Oh, and if you care what actually happened: "We had just gotten stuck in a mud hole and needed to be pulled out. The hole was deeper than expected and the rusty frame on the Jeep snapped into two. The rear wheels were basically trying to drive away from the Jeep. We were able to be pulled out then drive under its own power back to the parking lot." So there you have it, it's a defective Transformer.

Thanks again to Josh J, who informed me they should try driving the Jeep through a different mud hole and see if the damage reverses itself. Josh, you'd make a fine scientist.

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