It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Japanese Man Marries Holographic Virtual Reality Singer

November 12, 2018


Because this is the world we live in, 35-year old Japanese man Akihiko Kondo held a two million yen (~$17,600) wedding ceremony for he and his wife, who just so happens to be holographic virtual reality singer Hatsune Miku. Wait -- isn't she 16?

Akihiko Kondo's mother refused an invitation to her only son's wedding in Tokyo this month, but perhaps that isn't such a surprise: he was marrying a hologram... None of Kondo's relatives attended his wedding to Miku -- an animated 16-year-old with saucer eyes and lengthy aquamarine pigtails -- but that didn't stop him from....a formal ceremony at a Tokyo hall. Around 40 guests watched as he tied the knot with Miku, present in the form of a cat-sized stuffed doll [presumably because the venue didn't have an electrical outlet for his hologram box].

Akihiko Kondo considers himself an ordinary married man -- his holographic wife Miku wakes him up each morning and sends him off to his job as an administrator at a school.

So a school administrator married a 16-year old holographic singer. That is definitely not a sentence that should exist, yet here we are. And apparently he's not the only one -- Gatebox (maker of the little virtual reality holographic box girlfriends/wives previously seen HERE) has issued 'over 3,700 certificates for "cross-dimension" marriages [not all to Miku though].' In related news, does anybody have a website that shows when and where the next rocket launch is going to be, and maybe provides a difficulty level in the form of 0 - 5 hobo bindles for how hard it will be to sneak aboard? Asking for a friend who gave earth a chance and it blew it.

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Thanks to v, who agrees you should always follow your dreams, unless you're dreams involve marrying an underage holographic virtual reality star, then you should definitely follow a different dream.

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