Impressive!: Guys Swing Pieces Of Felled Tree Right Into Back Of Tow Trailer

November 8, 2018

This is a video of some ultra-professional tree removers swinging pieces of a large oak right into the back of a hauling trailer. Now that is some precision tree felling. In the videographer's own words while I pretend to water all the artificial plants around the office that were supposed to reduce stress and increase productivity but really just bum me out:

"We were doing a tree removal on a big oak tree. We were supposed to protect the green area around the tree, and we decided to swing the big stuff into the trailer instead of lowering it straight down and cutting it up and throwing it into the trailer.

The guy controlling the rope is Ian Edwards. The guy in the tree is Jackson Graydon."

I like how he gave the rope worker and tree cutter shoutouts. That was good, and they deserve it. I do not like how he filmed vertically. That was bad, and he should be severely punished to the full extent of internet law.

Keep going for the whole video while I fantasize about riding that swinging log right into the wall of an enemy's castle.

Thanks to Alex S, who agrees properly felling a tree is both an art AND science, but karate chopping a tree and breaking your hand is neither. Valuable info.

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