If The Whole World's Population Lived As Densely As In Mumbai, Everyone Could Fit In Romania

November 13, 2018


This is a chart created by Chetan Sharma that shows that if the entire world's population of 7.7-billion lived as densely packed as people do in the Indian city of Mumbai, we could all fit in Romania. For reference, Romania is about a third the size of Texas. Granted people would be dying left and right from no access to food or water (and who forgot to put on deodorant?), but we would all fit there, albeit briefly before we're corpses. Plus it would make it even easier for me to gift the world back to the plants and animals since I wouldn't need nearly as large a bomb to wipe out what's left of humanity. I wouldn't even need a big red button, I could probably use a small green one. Possibly just a little toggle switch.

Thanks to hairless, who invited me to live on the moon, which I accepted. Dibs on the Crater Of Doom!

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