Hang Glider's First Flight Is 2+ Minutes Of Terror After He Realizes He's Not Attached To The Glider

November 27, 2018


This is a video from the Swiss Alps of Youtuber Gursk3's first (and apparently not last! This man lives for danger) hang gliding experience, which consists of him hanging on for dear life (literally for once) from the control bar and the back and leg of the 'professional' pilot (that let him take off untethered) for two minutes and fourteen seconds until the pilot can finally make a safe landing. That must have been terrifying. No word if Gursk3 had to pay extra for the Very Near Death Experience package, or if that was already included in the pilot's Safety Checklist, Shmafty Checklist bundle.

Keep going for the harrowing video. My palms are gonna be clammy all day now. Also, where's the footage from the front-mounted camera? I need to see that too.

Thanks to Richard, who had the feeling there was going to be at least one late contender showing up for 2018's Most Intense Video Competition.

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