'Forever Pizza', Pieces Of Real Pizza Encased In Lucite, Now Available For Purchase

November 27, 2018


Remember Steph Mantis's Forever Pizza created for an art exhibit a couple years ago? Well now she'd made a bunch more and you can actually buy a piece. Slices come in either pepperoni or plain cheese and each lucite block measures 4.25 x 2.75 x 1.25". Those are some pretty tiny pizza slices. They also cost $200 apiece. *spit-takes a scalding hot Totino's Pizza Roll* I knew fine art was expensive, but my God. Still, in the event of the apocalypse I will have no other choice but to hack Steph's online store, locate the addresses of everyone who bought a slice, retrieve those slices, then break them open with Thor's hammer and eat them to survive. "Or you could loot a pizza parlor." Yeah I like my idea better, it involves Thor's hammer. "You won't even be able to lift it." Please *curling 2-pound ankle weight with penis, elephant trunk style* I've been training.

Keep going for a couple more shots.




Thanks to hairless, who should really get a job at the pizza place I always order from because I'm growing tired of all the unintentional hair toppings.

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