'Everyday Objects From Inside', A Crazy Macro Zoom-Out Video

November 28, 2018

This is 'Everyday Objects From Inside', the latest video from the Macro Room starring a bunch of everyday objects that are almost unrecognizable (okay, you probably still know what most of them are) when viewed in super-macro, which then become very recognizable as the camera zooms out. I felt that, just like hearing a mosquito take a double blast from a bug zapper on a warm summer evening, it was very well executed.

Keep going for the whole video. And yes, just like you I did think the marshmallows was somebody's butt at first.

Thanks to The Pete, who agrees they should definitely do one of these for body parts.

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Those marshmallows were really concerning for a while.

  • shashi

    Pfft, 'super-macro' my arse! This is just ... wait no i didn't mean https://themortalbath.files...

  • lushkneebumbuild

    ...did they use a colonoscopy scope for this? that's what it looks like

  • MustacheHam

    This is kind of fun if you make a guessing game from it.

    So far I scored an 80ish percent. Not bad.

  • Closet Nerd

    No trichomes?

  • Homestar

    Well that was underwhelming.

  • scott19

    Like the last 30 seconds of a groovy colonoscopy.

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