Clever Street Fighter II Dhalsim Tattoo With Real Foot For Foot

November 19, 2018


This is the Street Fighter II Dhalsim tattoo inked by Alain Head Art that substitutes the person's own foot for Dhalsim's. It is very similar in style to the Popeye and One Piece 'hand for a hand' tattoos we've seen in the past, except with a foot. Speaking of feet -- I broke my right pinky toe again over the weekend after stubbing it against the door frame to my bedroom. It happens all the time. Then I have to reach down and pull the toe outward and jam it back over towards the other toes until it pops twice. One pop is not enough, it needs to go two or it won't set right. Honestly I wanna just cut it off but my girlfriend insists it'll throw off my balance like I didn't just stumble and break my toe again even though I still have all of them. It might fix me.

Thanks to Dan, who informed me he plans on getting a full chest Hulk chest tattoo so he doesn't have to dress up for Halloween anymore. Smart.

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