Banana Surprise, A Banana Corer And Flavor Injector

November 6, 2018


Because adding flavor enhancers to the exterior of a banana is for peasants, this is the Banana Surprise, a $26 children's kitchen tool that cores and fills bananas with the injectable flavor of your choosing. You just cut the end off a banana, place it in the Yumstation, jam the corer into the banana, remove it, then inject some jelly or chocolate or whatever and TA-DA, severed penis. Me? I'm not really that into banana surprises. When I have a banana I like to know exactly what I'm getting into, and I'm 100% cool with Bananas The Same As Always.

Keep going for a handful more product shots.





Thanks to Jodie, who agrees the best thing you can do to a banana is make a banana split. That's what they all dream of being one day.

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