A Miniature, Functional LEGO Concert Grand Piano

November 27, 2018

This is a video demonstration of the ~2,800 piece LEGO concert grand piano built by LEGO lover and music teacher SleepyCow that's looking to garner some more support on the LEGO Ideas website. The build includes "a removable keyboard with 25 independent working keys, each key connects to its own hammer, working damper and pedal functions, realistic piano lid which can be open either half stick or full stick, realistic fall board with a soft close and locking pins, removable music stand, and height adjustable piano bench." The piano IS functional (pushing the keys does cause the hammers to strike -- also operable player piano style with a LEGO Power Functions motor), although it doesn't actually make any noise since it's strings are made of that nylon LEGO twine and not actual piano string. Still, it's a very impressive set and I would be tempted to build it if it does make it to production. Of course whether I'll be able to assemble it correctly remains to be seen. "There isn't a snowball's chance in the devil's butthole." FACT.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to DH, for inspiring me to dig my electronic keyboard out of the closet and thrash out on some 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' (It's all I ever learned).

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