A $1,200 Life-Size Harley Quinn Statue From The Batman: Arkham City Video Game

November 2, 2018


This is the 5-foot 11-inch Harley Quinn statue made by the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) from the digital model files of Harley from the Batman: Arkham City video game. Some more info while I pretend to be a statue any time somebody looks at me while I slowly make my way to the elevator and sneak out for the day:

Standing 5' 11″, Harley was created directly from the digital files used in the making of the game. The figure is made of foam rubber and latex that's carefully hand-painted for realistic detail, down to the tattoos on her arm and hip! Harley sports plenty of extra touches like a metal wallet chain and synthetic hair.

The statue costs $1,200, ships in April 2019, and is not a sex doll. "But--" IT'S NOT A SEX DOLL. "Sure, but maybe if I--" Dammit, just stick to your body pillow. Duct tape some pool noodle arms and legs to it if you need more realism.

Keep going for a couple more shots, including Harley standing next to a real-life lady.



Thanks to Joseph A, who agrees anybody who has the money for life-size character statues should adopt me and let me live in their home theater.

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