Why You Don't Overfill Your Car Tires, A Public Service Announcement

October 17, 2018

This is a video from Chevy Chase, Maryland, of a man who apparently kept putting air in his right front tire for over two minutes before it finally gave up trying to rationalize with him and blew up in his face, which he's lucky to still have. Did he think when the tire was full the air would just stop? Now I love putting air in my girlfriend's tires at the gas station as much as the next guy who likes scoring brownie points while simultaneously huffing as many gas fumes as possible, but this is not how it's done. For starters, he didn't even take his shirt off and smear grease all over his chest. My girlfriend loves that move. "It's so embarrassing." And the sexy dance I do with the windshield squeegee between my legs?! "Remember how last time I left you at the gas station?" You said it was an accident!

Keep going for the video while I daydream about all the gas fumes I breathed that day waiting for her to come back (she didn't, I had to walk home with a pounding headache).

Thanks to hairless ,who at least didn't get that way over-inflating his car tires like a maniac.

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