Watch A Bridge Buckle After A Charter Bus Ignores The Bridge's 10-Ton Weight Limit

October 17, 2018

This is a video from the one-lane Beaver Bridge in Beaver, Arkansas of a charter bus ignoring the bridge's 10-ton weight limit and crossing, despite these buses typically weighing three to four times that. That bridge clearly isn't thrilled about it, and you can see the whole thing buckling as the bus crosses. When reached for comment about the incident, the bus driver undoubtedly insisted he "was just following the GPS" and "these things should know better." I assume he also mentioned the secret to good bus driving is the same secret to a successful marriage: never admitting you've made a mistake.

Keep going for the video while I try to console my nephew and explain I thought the weight limit for his Power Wheels Jurassic Park Jeep was merely a suggestion.

Thanks to hairless, who wants to know what other risks this bus driver is taking in his life.

  • David Gabel

    GPS or not, there are a good dozen or two signs before you get to that bridge warning drivers of the weight limit. The DRIVERS should know better and not just blindly follow a GPS. He needs to have his CDL revoked permanently and fired for negligence.

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    Would have let the honker go by just to see if it's the straw the broke the camel's back.

  • Deksam

    That night the bus had to get off that island... That was the night after The Mothman called...

  • Jenness

    I wonder how long it took for the owners to get notified and this driver to get his ass reamed out for this?

  • Kaizer Chief

    So those buses weigh 30-40 tons?!

  • Tigerh8r

    Hat's off to the engineers. The most startling thing about this to me was that it was in Arkansas! I mean, Americans built that?!

  • David

    Yes we are quite good at bridges rhat don't fall down like the one in London

  • Eric Ord

    Bus is the Geekologie message boards

    Driver is GW

    Bridge is our fragile mental health

  • Bling Nye

    Plot twist, the bus was empty except for one passenger...

    YA MAMA!

  • GeneralDisorder

    What is that fuck-headed fucktard beeping about? Somebody go rip their god damned thumbs off!

  • lushkneebumbuild

    weight and clearence limits are one of the many features that probably should be on the higher end gps (along with other things like crime stats for the walking setting

    (and at least probably is on the custom versions trucking/shipping companies tend to install)

  • Richard H Sanford

    *writes a long-winded reply about bridges*

    *realizes you all already know this*

    *realizes this is Geekologie and snarky replies are de regur*

  • lushkneebumbuild

    why didn't you post it anyway? comment or it didn't happen

  • Richard H Sanford

    Eh, okay. I just didn't want to be Ackchyually. *ahem*

    This bridge is doing exactly what it is designed to do. If it were rigid and inflexible, it would break and that bus would have most certainly gone down. As it is, the bridge is arched upwards and the cables are woven in a way to accept the increased weight safely, albeit with duress.

  • Dao


  • Bling Nye

    Also, they have 'live load' factors for margin of safety, so the posted "max weight" is actually quite less than what the bridge could actually hold without failing. However, while the bridge is doing what it's designed to do, repeated flexing of those materials to that extent will cause structural fatigue and ultimately failure much faster than if those loads were kept off the bridge. It's only a matter of time before that bridge goes down with a bus like that on it if they keep driving them over it.

  • Konstantin

    Yeah, I was just going to add that while the bridge is very clearly well within structural limits (these cables can stretch almost 10% before failing) it's certainly not good for the bridge. If this happens repeatedly, the bridge will eventually fail.

  • Gingerbread

    Me VS the empty cardboard box I plan to use a stool

  • Wooder

    What if everyone jumped and held their breath and held helium balloons at the same time...then you should be fine.

  • lushkneebumbuild

    mythbusters tried that, but they didn't do it right

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