They're Coming: A Robotic Snake That Can Climb Ladders

October 11, 2018

If your thought your treehouse was safe, think again -- this is a video demonstration of a new robotic snake (links to article with longer video) developed by researchers at Kyoto University that can climb ladders thanks to its 36 individual joints. For reference, that is entirely too many joints. I'm surprised after three or four it isn't so high it's just curled up on the couch asking a friend to make sure its heart is still beating. Chill out snake-bro, we're not calling 911.

Kyoto University researchers say the robot snake could be used to enter dangerous situations that are unsafe for humans.

It may also be able to rescue humans that are stuck in hard to reach places.

They developed an advanced gait for the device that could enable it to crawl through narrow pipes that would otherwise be inaccessible by search and rescue teams.

What's more, a version of the device can be used underwater, perhaps to drag people in need of help out of flooded areas.

Riiiiiight, the old search-and-rescue snake-bot. That's how they're gonna get us -- pretending all these robots are being developed for the good of humanity when in reality they're gonna be our downfall. Trust me, I watch a lot of movies. "Which ones?" Mostly adult flicks. "What does that have to do with the robot apocalypse?" We don't have much time left. "And?" And I have priorities.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who agrees robo-snakes are the worst snakes. "I disagree." Yeah well nobody asked you, Indy.

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