Swiss Space-Saving Toilet Bowl Doubles As A Sink

October 25, 2018


This is a video demonstration of a space-saving public toilet in Switzerland (it's a very small country) that also doubles as the bathroom's sink. I especially like how putting the seat down with the sink running makes it look like somebody peed all over on the seat. That's a nice feature. Still, I dunno -- washing your hands so close to where somebody just skidded a turd down the back of the bowl seems weird to me. Honestly, you could save even more space in most men's restrooms by only installing a single sink instead of a wall of them, since most men don't use them anyways. "Whatever, my penis is spick-and-span," I imagine most men lying to themselves as they bee-line it for the door straight from a urinal. Me? I always wash my hands twice, then open the door with a paper towel, then use hand sanitizer once I'm out of the bathroom. And, on top of all that, I always wear gloves. "You're a weird dude, GW." Whatever, penis fingers.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to n0nentity, who just rinses his hands in the back of the toilet tank like a normal person.

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