Stunning Timelapse Of Last Night's SpaceX Rocket Launch As Seen From Los Angeles

October 8, 2018

This is a beautiful timelapse (shot at one frame/second) of last night's SpaceX rocket launch as viewed looking towards downtown Los Angeles. I think I speak for everyone who's tired of life here on earth when I say I wish I had been on that rocket. I don't even care where it's going -- it could be on its way to crash into an asteroid and I'd crank my space radio up and push the rocket thrusters to max. Also, I'm fairly certain if I had seen this in real life I would have immediately contacted all the local news outlets and informed then the aliens have landed, but it's cool for now because I scared them off but they're on their way back to whatever galaxy they came from to bring reinforcements, so we better start building a Death Star immediately. I give great interviews.

Keep going for the actual much higher quality video.

Thanks to MSA, who thought it was some sort of new firework at first, which I did as well. I'm still not convinced it's not.

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