Savannah, Georgia Seeks Person Who Attached Googly Eyes To American Revolution Statue

October 15, 2018


The city of Savannah, Georgia is seeking the person who adhered googly eyes to the American Revolution statue of Nathanael Greene in Johnson Square so they can potentially charge them with criminal trespassing instead of patting them on the back and sharing a LOL. I would have a hard time turning myself in.

The reason why it's being taken seriously is because this is a monument to a deceased person who served in the military.

Greene, who died in Georgia in 1786, was a major general under George Washington in the Continental Army. He started as a self-trained soldier who organized a local militia in Boston and eventually came to command the southern theater.

If the damage to Greene's statue is found in excess of $500, the googly eye bandit could be hit with felony charges.

Googly eyes: not everybody finds them so funny. Also they can apparently be extremely expensive to remove. Personally, I could have that statue looking better than brand new for less than the price of a shrimp po'boy. "You're not even gonna remove the eyes, are you?" Well I did promise better than brand new.

Keep going for a worthwhile closeup of the googles.


Thanks to Taylor, who agrees there are very few things that googly eyes don't improve.

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