'Puppy Doing Cat Things': Dog Knocks A Line Of Shampoo Bottles One-By-One Into The Shower

October 16, 2018

Presumably after learning a thing or two from his feline friends on the back of the school bus, this is a video of a puppy knocking a line of shampoo and soap bottles into the shower one-by-one. He looks pretty proud of himself, doesn't it? He also looks like he has an adult dog head on a puppy body. Just don't tell him that though or it might give him a complex. Wait -- is that my deep cleansing pore scrub? Oh hell no. You look like two puzzle pieces that fit, dog! Also, is this considered a trick? Because my dogs knock stuff over all the time but I haven't been giving them treats and now I'm feeling guilty.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks again to Rob, who agrees when you've got dogs doing cat things and cats doing dog things, how can you be sure who to blame anymore?

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