Problem Solving: Australian Man Tows Boat To Lake With Mobility Scooter After Losing License

October 30, 2018


This is a video news report highlighting New South Wales Australian man Shane Swanscott, who was recently pulled over by police towing his new boat with a mobility scooter because "he needed to go fishing" after losing his license. I wonder how he lost his license in the first place. I mean, clearly he's an exemplary decision maker.

Swanscott chuckled as he recalled the moment police passed him.

He told 9News the officers slowed as they passed him, before eventually rounding the corner and pulling him over.

"I lost my licence and pretty much finished working on my boat at the same time. I was going to push my boat down the street by hand, but I thought why not use [the mobility scooter]," he said.

He has not been told what punishment he will receive for being caught without his licence.

Oh what, so you can't tow a boat down the street with a mobility scooter without a license? This is an outrage. THE MAN NEEDED TO GO FISHING. I'm contributing to his legal fund. *opens wallet, peers in* You shouldn't have lost your license, Shane, you brought this on yourself.

Keep going for the news report, complete with surprise love story.

Thanks to Evan, who agrees he should be charged with ingenuity and a can-do attitude.

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