Oh Yeah, That's Her Alright: Loch Ness Monster Spotted By Mom Searching Google Earth

October 2, 2018


These are a couple Google Earth photos of what Ohio mother Lisa Stout believes to be the Loch Ness Monster, which she found while browsing Loch Ness in the program because she'd "been searching for Nessie on and off for the past few weeks, spending an hour or so a week on Google Earth as well as other places I like to visit in the app." We all need hobbies. Some more info while I use Google Earth to track down Bat Boy's hideout in West Virginia:

"On the 13th at 9.45am, I had got my daughter off to school and began to search for Nessie when I noticed a cluster of pictures taken by an Underwater Earth Contributor all in one area near the Loch Ness Highland Resort in Fort Augustus.

"I noticed what I believe may be the creature known as Nessie - or at the very least what makes up for most of the accounts of Nessie sightings that residents/tourists are seeing and reporting."

The photo shows a dark figure sticking out of the water looking towards the camera.

The figure is surrounded by water and is set against a backdrop of trees.

There's also before and after pics after the jump which show whatever that is in the photo wasn't there the whole time. I mean, provided that this, unlike my last relationship, isn't just a giant sham. Also, has anybody ever thought that maybe Nessie never wants to show her face because we're always calling her the Loch Ness MONSTER. I wouldn't want to show my face if people were always calling me a monster either. "They do." Don't look at me!

Keep giong for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Bored, who should really use some of that free time searching Google Earth for mythical beats.

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