Oh Wow: A Ten Character Line Of Rick And Morty Tiki Mugs

October 9, 2018


Hot on the heels of yesterday's breakfast cereal monster Geeki Tiki mugs come these Rick And Morty ones. Each 15-ounce mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and costs $18. Obviously, being microwave safe is important to me because nine times out of ten I'm too lazy to clean one of the bowls molding away in the sink and make my ramen in a glass. "You live like a monster." If monsters have to pour pitchers of water into the toilet to get it to flush, then yes. I should probably tell guests that when they come over but I like to accuse them of breaking something and demand they Venmo me money to repair it. "You're a real piece of work, GW." Anybody for game night?

Thanks again to Evan, who may have a tiki mug collection that rivals my own (no, way I have at least four).

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