Not Today!: Heavy Winds Blow Waterfall Back Over Cliff

October 15, 2018

This is a video from the Isle Of Skye in Scotland where heavy winds caused by a storm blew a waterfall on Talisker Beach back up over the cliff it was trying to fall from. That's pretty intense. I can only imagine if I were a waterfall watching this that I would have the absolute worst case of anxiety right now.

Keep going for the video of the waternotfall in action while I see if I can't spot any more skull shapes in the mist.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees the wind should chill out and just let that waterfall live its life.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Suck it gravity!

  • bakuryu

    "...I see if I can't spot any more skull shapes in the mist."
    Try for a dragon, cause I'm sure this is netflix filmig a live-action Saint Seya.

  • Jenness

    That's pretty spectacular to see really. Bet they were glad they decided to venture out and got a glimpse of that cool show.

  • bakuryu

    Or they got a cold and are regretting it.
    But keep looking for good in everything,please. World need more people like you. Or, at least, less ones like me. But I'm right about doing what I can to fix this. Farewell.

  • Jenness

    Why am I feeling like you are crying out for help? DON'T LEAVE US! The Internetz need snarky, bitter commentators too - VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE Bakuryu!!!

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Look, a waterrise!

    ... wait I've said that before.

  • Doog

    For the record GW said it on a similar article in 2011

  • bakuryu

    Enough! Hollywood better have to quit its rebooting frenzy right now.

  • Wooder

    its like me riding my bike with a runny nose into the wind...will it ever end...

  • Closet Nerd

    Go home waterfall, you're drunk

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