Man Tries To Throw DVD Player Out Apartment Window

October 2, 2018


Because weekends are clearly out of control wherever this is, this is a video of a man trying to throw his DVD player out an apartment window (presumably because he just upgraded to a VHS player) and shattering the window in the process. Honestly I wanted to keep that part a surprise but the video is titled 'Guy Shatters Window While Throwing DVD Player From Building', so the suspense only would have lasted another few moments at best. I apologize for that, even though it's not my fault. Kind of like how I took the blame for my entire work team when we didn't get our project turned in on time last week. "But that was your fault." You can't prove it. "You deleted all the files." We should have had backups! "You deleted all those too." I just assumed Greg had downloaded a bunch of boner pill spam viruses again. Jesus, I'm an advertising manager not an IT professional -- I shouldn't even have access to the servers. "You kicked the door down and pushed them down a stairwell." I was protecting the company!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to CF, who agrees if you have the choice, pick anybody but this guy for your beer pong team.

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