Man Sets Guinness World Record For Singing Highest Male Vocal Note

October 10, 2018


Note: Maybe not the video to watch if you have a headache, plan to not have a headache, or have a dog nearby.

This is a video of a man setting the Guinness World Record for highest male vocal note (E in the 8th ocatave, E8, 5423 Hz), although it sounds an awful lot more like whistling or a ringing in your ears than singing. It sounds bad more than anything else though, and now there a bunch of stray dogs howling at our office door. Obviously, I plan on adopting them all and starting a community of like-minded individuals based on the principles of eating, sleeping, and cuddling. But before that, we're going to beat this guy's record. "I'm not kicking you in the nuts." No you are not, because you drew the short straw. "There was no straw!" I'm eliminating plastic waste, now bend over while I Velcro up my rocket boot.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to JoAnn, who just awarded me the world record for sexiest typing voice, which I graciously accepted because I deserve it.

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