LEGO Pop-Up Storybook Makes It To Production

October 29, 2018


These are the official product shots of the $70 'Once Upon A Brick' pop-up LEGO storybook being released November 1st. If you're an elephant, you may recall I posted the conceptual set when it was seeking support on the LEGO Ideas website. Well it got that support, and now it's a real 859-piece kit with enough bricks to build a storybook with either a Little Red Riding Hood or Jack And The Beanstalk themed pop-up inside. Obviously, as an avid LEGO fan and a man whose reading level has never really progressed past pop-up books, I am into this.

Keep going for a handful more shots of the set.






Thanks to Richard K, who agrees LEGO and IKEA produce the best instruction manuals because they're all pictures.

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