Impressive!: This Freehand Crocheted Slimer Halloween Costume

October 19, 2018


Hot on the heels of the Predator costume she crocheted for her older son, this is the Slimer costume Crochetverse freehand crocheted (no pattern) for her youngest son. Plus she brushed the finished product with some luminescent paint SO IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. How cool is that? "Very cool." Like me. I never even thought about being Slimer as a kid but my girlfriend should really consider it this year because she's been sick and her nose has been running like a broken faucet. There's like
a snot glaze on everything now. *gets hit with a dirty tissue* What?!

Keep going for a shot of the costume glowing in the dark, and a short video.


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Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees as long as nobody is that terrifying ghost lady from the library, we're good.

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