How Warriors Really Fought In 14th Century Armor

October 17, 2018

This is a video discussion and demonstration of how medieval warriors really fought while wearing full armor. Basically, just slashing away with a sword was a waste of energy since the sword won't cut through plate or mail armor. The key is to identify a weak point then STAB the business end of your sword right in there kabob style. In the video, potential weak points are identified as the palms (only covered by leather), armpits (where chain mail is often weakest), sliding a sword up under the neck mail to cut an opponent's throat (gushing blood party) and groin (typically unprotected if you've been riding a horse). Valuable information. Granted nothing I didn't already know, but I was born a bloody-thirsty warrior knight. "No, he was born at a truck stop." Mom! "We thought he was a girl at first." What?! "Till like his third birthday." You know if the spaghetti wasn't so good around here I'd be gone.

Keep going for the video, which was enjoyable.

Thanks to cnasty, who loves doing battle almost as much as I do, which is the max.

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