Guy Sinks Full-Scale Jason Voorhees In Lake To Scare Other Divers

October 18, 2018

These are a couple videos of the Jason Voorhees effigy that diver Curtis Lahr sunk in a lake that's popular for diving near Crosby, Minnesota. It's actually been there since 2013, and Curtis occasionally visits Jason to make sure he's doing alright (he isn't) and make another video. Personally, I'm already terrified enough of being any more than ankle-deep underwater, so seeing Jason at the bottom of a lake would definitely be enough to make my heart pop. It's already three sizes too small anyways. "Are you The Grinch?!" No, his heart was only two sizes too small. "So you must be really fun to be around." Oh my friends love it, I'm like a ray of sunshine. "That's not so bad." Causing their entire bodies to blister and boil.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Tell Jeff He Smells, which I feel would be better if he heard it coming from a friend instead of a stranger on the internet. Jk jk, get it together Jeff, it's called Old Spice.

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