Good Clean Fun: Play-Doh Releases Mr. Potato Head Style Poop Emoji Playset

October 4, 2018


Because this is the world we live in now, this is the Play-Doh Poop Troop playset (~$15). It includes twelve cans of Play-Doh (four of which are brown) and over 50 accessories so you can dress your little Play-Doh turds up Mr. Potato Head style (I particularly like the dog turd there in the photo). Fun! And by fun I mean why not just play with actual turds? "You mean besides the obvious reasons?" There are obvious reasons?!

Keep going for a couple more shots and a 12-minute unboxing video made by Play-Doh while I fondly reminisce about the first time my mom caught me playing with a cat turd I found in the sandbox.



Thanks to Jessica CW, who agrees teaching your kids to play with turds could be a slippery slope. Or at least a squishy slope with a trip to the doctor at the bottom.

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