Gecko Repeatedly Made Calls From Touchscreen Phone At Hawaiian Marine Mammal Hospital

October 10, 2018


"Listen -- for the last time, I'm not switching car insurance."

A gecko living at the Marine Mammal Center in Hawaii was found to have made a "bazillion" calls while hanging out on a touchscreen phone in one of the hospital's labs. *shrug* It happens. "It doesn't happen." But it DID happen. Just like....THIS! *performs severed thumb trick* Whatever, that kills at children's birthday parties.

Marine mammal veterinarian Claire Simeone was at lunch when she got a call from Ke Kai Ola, the Big Island hospital where she's director. There was silence on the other end. Nine more silent calls followed. Fearing a seal emergency, she rushed back.

She wasn't the only one getting calls, and people started asking why the hospital was calling non-stop.

Trying figure out why a "bazillion" calls were made from one line, she called the phone company and a rep tried to talk her through finding a possible line on the fritz. She walked into a lab and found the culprit.

I mean, sure, it could have been the gecko, but it also could have been a ghost making those calls while the gecko just sat there. Remember: it's always important to have a scapegoat. *waits for someone to use the copier, watches it spit out like a million butt prints* Greg -- what did you do?! "Everyone knows that's your ass tattoo." Give me those!

Thanks again to Allesandra, who agrees gecko receptionists are the future.

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