Fendi Pulls $1,000 Scarf After People Say It Looks Like Lady Privates

October 17, 2018


Italian luxury fashion brand Fendi has pulled its $1,000 'Touch Of Fur' shawl from online sale after everyone on the internet agreed it looks like a vagina. Some even went as far as to say it will make the wearer look like they're being born. Personally, if I were Fendi I would have tripled production, but used faux fur instead of fox fur because I think we can all agree that, while what the fox said may be up for debate, it almost certainly was not 'Please kill me so I can be the pubic hair of your $1,000 vagina scarf.'

Keep going for the same shot upside down for even greater realism.


Thanks to Mark and Allyson S, who agree in a perfect world, $1,000 scarfs shouldn't even exist.

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