Feeding Time: Running Woman Falls Into Shark Tank At Mall

October 18, 2018

This is some security camera footage from a mall in China of a woman running across a gangway and falling into an open lemon shark tank during feeding time. The gangway is supposed to be off-limits during feedings, but the woman, who was running to make a meeting on time, either didn't see or ignored the signage. Thankfully, the woman was quickly pulled from the tank without injury. Still, that was not smart. Nine times out of ten the only meeting you're gonna make on time after falling into a shark tank is to meet your maker. "Because you're dead." Well he's not showing up just to congratulate you on your time-management skills, that's for sure.

Keep going for the whole video, and I do give her one point for almost clearing the tank.

Thanks to Damien, who agrees if you absolutely, positively have to fall into a shark tank, at least try to not make it at feeding time.

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