Everybody Needs A Hobby: Some Dudes Performing Jump Rope Tricks

October 30, 2018

Because it's best to remain active during the Ultimate Frisbee offseason, this is a short video of members of the Flight Crew jump rope team demonstrating a couple of the tricks they've been working on recently. Pretty impressive. Obviously, I'd be a huge asset to their team. "You want to jump?" No, I want to COACH. Nobody looks quite as good blowing a whistle in short gym shorts as yours truly. "I can already picture it in my mind." Lookin' pretty sweet, right? "Far from it." Try imagining me twirling my whistle lanyard on a finger and winking at you. "Not any better." Well it's not my fault your imagination sucks, because in my mind I'm a bombshell. Possibly even a nuke. *licks finger, touches butt, finger disappears to second knuckle* At least I'm body positive.

Keep going for the whole video while I speculate if jump rope teams fight each other to determine who gets to perform to House Of Pain's 'Jump Around'.

Thanks to hairless, who's trying to develop a competitive jump rope x hopscotch league.

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