Dad Builds Father-Daughter Mech Warrior Costume For The Two Of Them

October 25, 2018

This is a video demonstration of the Stalker J-1 Mech Warrior costume built by father Griddlock Cosplay for he and his daughter to wear to the Edmonton Comic Expo 2018. His daughter rides in the front while he does all the walking, and the fauxmech includes a joystick for the pilot (daughter) that illuminates directional lights for the engine (dad) so he knows where to go. There's also a shoulder-mounted mini-gun, a fan to keep the pilot cool and "Arduino controlled LED lights to make the costume more realistic." Impressive, but I can't imagine walking around all day with a kid strapped to my stomach unless I'm pretending they're bursting out of my chest like-- "A chestburster?" What? No -- like a real baby being born. Jesus, you don't still believe all that stork business do you? That's just something parents tell their children so they don't have to say penis or vagina until their kids are already too old for the sex talk. And I'm talking like, already have kids of their own too old.

Keep going for a couple videos of the costume in action.

Thanks to Cyndi M, who agrees group costumes are the best costumes unless you're in my group of friends in which case you can count on everyone else bailing on the idea last minute and you being the only Planeteer that shows up to the party two years in a row.

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