'Critical Failure' D20 Dice With The F-Word Instead Of A 1

October 10, 2018


Because rolling a 1 is usually bad news, these are the Critical Failure D20 dice made and sold by Etsy seller MarsDice. The 25mm dice have 'F*CK' printed on the side instead of a '1', are available with a silver or gold finish (along with either black or uncolored numbers/letters), and cost $18 apiece. Man, I still remember the first time playing D&D that I rolled a 1 and got my bard character boned by a goblin. "You were begging for that 1." *shrug* I'm an adventurous spirit.

Keep going for a handful more shots.





Thanks to carey, who agrees the 20s should be replaced with 'F*CK YEAH's.

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