Crazy Little One-Legged Jumping Robot Demonstrates Its Precision Jumping Skills

October 12, 2018

Seen here looking suspiciously like the Pixar lamp has some explaining to do, this is an impressive video demonstration of the Salto-1P one-legged jumping robot developed at The University Of California Berkeley's Biomimetic Millisystems Lab. It can hop exactly where it wants to, when it wants to. And apparently it decided it wanted to hop straight into my heart. "You're getting weak, GW." No, I've just given up -- there's a difference.

Salto-1P is a small monopedal jumping robot capable of continuous high-power hopping. We demonstrate a new control algorithm that can land Salto-1P's foot at particular spots on the ground like jumping on stepping stones or playing one-leg hopscotch. We call this "deadbeat foot placement hopping control".

The video really is impressive to watch, and now I kinda want one as a pet. How cute would it be to wake up to one of these little guys hopping up and down on your belly? "Does it have a knife?" Hopefully not. "Pretty cute then." Right?! We're all gonna die.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to KS, who agrees this is probably not what Dr. Seuss had in mind when he wrote Hop On Pop.

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