Crazy English Man Gets Pulled Over Trying To Drive With A Car Full Of Tree Branches

October 3, 2018


These are a couple shots taken by Greater Manchester Police after pulling over a man who was attempting to drive with his Toyota Corolla absolutely jam-packed with tree branches. Dear God. Do you have any idea how many spiders live in that car now?

He had been carrying out work for an elderly couple and was taking the garden waste to a tip [dump] when he was stopped on 8 September, PC Monaghan said.

"He thought he'd be fine, but the weather was heavy and he had limited control."

The man was made to empty the car before continuing on his way, which meant he had had to make several trips to the tip.

The officer added: "I wasn't shocked because I've previously worked in traffic [but] it was absolute madness."

I mean, he was trying to do the right thing, he just wasn't doing the right thing, right. That's pretty much me with everything I do. My intentions are good, but my execution, well, my execution typically leaves something to be desired. Also I'm pretty sure this guy just kidnapped an Ent and police had no clue.

Thanks to Joel, who agrees this guy also probably never takes more than one trip in the house with groceries.

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