Cool: This Mad Max Style Wave Generator For Surfers In Australia

October 30, 2018

This is a video of the Surf Lakes wavepool built in Yeppoon in Queensland, Australia. The wavepool is the first full-scale prototype built by Surf Lakes, which hopes to create even more surfing wavepools across the globe if it proves a success. Some more info while I try to forget all the kid turds I saw floating in the wavepool the last time I went to a waterpark:

When the pool is empty, the bathymetry resembles an "X" from above. The lines of the X are the deep-water channels, and the high points are differently shaped peaks, all varying by depth and therefore skill level. They are named: The Beachbreak (easy, rolling waves for beginners), Occy's (modeled after his favorite wave, Duranbah: take off into a barrel, come out and rip a couple turns), The Point (sucky, fast and tight), and The Wedge (barely surfable, super sucky, ideal for bodyboarders).

Very cool. And in all the videos posted the wave generator is only operating at 50% power -- imagine it at full blast. "Tsunami style." Exactly. I tried getting the pitted -- so pitted surfer guy on the line for comment about the pool, but apparently he lives in a van and doesn't have access to a phone. 'Living the dream' as I call it.

Keep going for several videos.

Thanks to K Diddie, who agrees it's only a matter of time until humanity surpasses the moon in wave-making capabilities.

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