Company Now Take Preorders On This $150,000 Hoverbike

October 25, 2018

Hoversurf has announced it is now taking preorders on its $150,000 Hoverbike Scorpion 3 (previously seen HERE and HERE), with deliveries expected in two to six months. The quadrocopter-with-a-seat lasts about 25 minutes on a full charge, and can go up to 60MPH at a recommended flight height of 16-feet, but it can be flown higher if you like living dangerously, which you clearly do because you're seriously considering a quadrocopter bike. I assume it also can't stop on a dime, nickel, half-dollar, or even one of those giant oversized checks from the lottery. Is the company just going to take your money and run? I would. Nothing quite says 'How can we steal from the filthy rich?' like a hoverbike or hovercar company taking preorders. *phone rings* Hello? The law offices of who and who now? Uh-huh. I see. Okay. *hangs up* Anyway like I was saying I'm sure it's legit.

Keep going for a video of Dubai police test-riding one of the things, most of which is just grass footage for some reason.

Thanks to Alex S, who agrees you should definitely not exit the vehicle till the rotors have come to a full and complete stop.

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