Chinese Father Faces 'Social Boycott' After Dropping Son Off At School In Ferrari

October 10, 2018


A wealthy Chinese property developer and father is facing a 'social boycott' by teachers and other students' parents after dropping his son off for school in his $350,000+ Ferrari 488GTB, which some viewed as 'an excessive show of wealth.' Well at least he didn't opt for a private helicopter.

The chat records on the messaging app WeChat's class group show that Li had been informed about some parents complaining about it. The teacher said it would lead to unhealthy environment in class that was not conducive to developing fellowship among kids.

The teacher of the class backed by many parents demanded Li to use a more modest car to drop his kid to school. "It's not proper. You should not show off, no matter how rich you are," said one parent. "If it's just dropping the kid at school, can't you just use a regular car?" another commented. "You are not short of money anyway." However, Li refused to back down, saying he had worked hard to earn the money and his kid deserves the very best. "If [seeing others] driving a racing car hurts feelings, your children are too sensitive," he wrote. "Besides, why should I buy another car just to serve your needs?" Li was soon removed from the chat group.

Ahahahahaha -- they removed him from the teacher/parents group chat! Man, that's probably the best thing that could have ever happened to him. I don't even like participating in group chats with my friends, could you imagine one with your kid's teacher and a bunch of other parents? That sounds like a nightmare. Fingers crossed this man has enough sense to drop his kid off in a monster truck next.

Thanks to v, for reminding how my dad would only slow down to ~15MPH to drop me off for school so the engine wouldn't stall.

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