Busted!: Man Divorces Wife After Spotting Her On Google Street View With Another Man

October 12, 2018


Seen here looking like a shot straight out of the telenovela Hermano Mayor, this is a screencap from Google Maps near the Bridge Of Sighs in Lima, Peru of a woman with a man's head in her lap. The only problem is that is not the head of her husband, who found the image while searching Google maps for a route to the bridge, which is hopefully not where he planned on surprise-renewing his wedding vows.

He confronted her, and yes, it was what it looked like - she had been having an affair with the man.

The couple is now divorced.

Man, I still remember the first time I caught my girlfriend with another guy on Google Maps. "Who was it?" Turns out it was me, I was just really drunk. "I literally had to drag him three blocks." And I thanked you for it! "You puked in my hamper." We all show love in our own ways.

Keep going for one more shot of the cheaters. Admittedly, I do like her boots.


Thanks to Suzanne S, who agrees if you're going to cheat, it's best to do it underground where only the mole-people can see you, which they won't because they have notoriously terrible vision.

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