Bantha Milk, Trash Compactor, Wookie, Ewok, Yoda's Cooking Pot: A 15 Candle Set Inspired By Smells From The Original Star Wars Trilogy

October 12, 2018


These are the Star Wars Original Trilogy Limited Edition Candle Sets available from Merchoid. Each movie is represented by five different candles, all representing a smell from that particular movie. Or they might all just smell like ass, who knows. They're available for $37 per movie (or $52 with the engraved wooden display plinth), or $92 for the entire trilogy ($128 with the fancy display boards). The full list of questionable scents:

A New Hope:

Wookie: Ever wondered what a walking carpet smells like?
Bantha Milk [erroneously spelled 'Banther' on the candle]: Love the smell of bantha milk in the morning?
Trash Compactor: Find out what was very nearly the last smell Luke, Leia and Han ever experienced
X-wing Cockpit: Perfect for playthroughs of Battlefront's aerial combat
Cantina: Eau de scum and villainy
Lightsaber Duel: Do you prefer the smell of the dark side or the light side?

The Empire Strikes Back:

Han Solo Carbonite: This smell is all Leia had to remember Han for a long time
Millenium Falcon: She may not look much, but she's got it where it counts (the smell)
Inside of a Tauntaun: Thought it smelt bad on the outside? You've experienced nothing yet!
Yoda's Cooking Pot: Yoda's legendary Force powers are only eclipsed by his cooking skills. Smell it for yourself!

Return Of The Jedi:

Rancor: The only way to smell a Rancor without ending up its lunch
Sarlaac Pit: Add a new dimension to your favourite ROTJ scene
Jabba' Palace: Admit it, you've always wondered what Jabba smells like
Ewok: Do they smell as cute as they look? Let's find out!
Death Star Destroyed: The sweet smell of rebellion

But how well did they really capture the essence of all those things? Because I feel like I'm always disappointed by stuff like this. Also, I'm more than a little bit surprised they-- "Didn't include an Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru scent?" Wow. I can't take you anywhere, not even the internet.

Keep going for shots of the individual movie sets.




Thanks to Dougie, who agrees Yankee Candle is going to be kicking themselves this holiday season after not jumping on this goldmine.

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