Awww: Bunny Digs Out Cat Friend Trapped Behind Wall

October 1, 2018

This is a short video of a rabbit digging its trapped cat friend out from behind a wall. Some more info while I wonder why none of my friends ever come to my rescue. "It's because you suck." I know that, I do:

The place where the was kitten (fluff) was a hole that the rabbit (chasky) always made, which I had to cover every day because they got into the hole ..That day I saw the hole, and as all the day I covered it, without noticing that the cat was inside. When I saw that Chasky began to dig, I fished out my cell to show my husband that the rabbit was making the hole. At that time I saw one of the cats legs. I was surprised that my rabbit was not digging a hole for pleasure, was just doing it get a friend.

Precious moments. I wish I had cat and bunny friends to hang out with. Sometimes I actually daydream about moving out to the middle of nowhere and starting my own animal rescue sanctuary. Other times I daydream about launching myself right into the sun. *shrug* All depends what kind of day it is, you know? "What kind of day is today?" What do you think? "Well you are wearing ten pairs of sunglasses." Start the countdown.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Caroline, who agrees that's what friends are for.

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