An Entirely Crocheted Predator Halloween Costume

October 2, 2018


This is a children's size Predator Halloween costume that was entirely crocheted by Crochetverse for her six-year old son. Previously: the crocheted E.T. costume she made him when he was two (sometimes I have a memory). As far as costume contest contention goes this year, I think he stands a pretty good chance. Sure beats a kid wearing one of those cheap plastic Ninja Turtle masks, that's for sure. And for the record, I was that kid in the cheap plastic Ninja Turtle mask -- I was ALWAYS that kid in the cheap plastic Ninja Turtle mask, except the two years me and my brother were M&Ms. "You two were the cutest, so sweet I could eat you up!" My mom, ladies and gentlemen! "Just let me run and grab my photo albums." Hoho, that's quite alright, mom -- these people will only make fun of me as hard and cruelly as possible.

Keep going for a video of the costume being worn.

Thanks to Mary B, who agrees homemade costumes are the best costumes.

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