Adorably Creepy Little Girl Carrying Her Own Head On A Plate Halloween Costume

October 31, 2018

Well folks, today's the day -- All Hallows' Eve. I've got my Ninja Turtle costume on here at work and I've already been asked twice if I'm an iguana because my coworkers are idiots. This is a short video of a little girl named Maya showing off her Halloween costume this year, which makes it appear as if she's carrying her own severed head around on a dinner plate. The neck hole where her head used to be also serves as her candy bucket, since her own arms are hidden beneath her dress so she can't carry a pillow case. While a very clever costume, this would never work for me personally because 1) I need to be able to hold a beer which eventually 2) causes me to stumble and fall a lot and I wouldn't be able to catch myself.

Keep going for this video and another one of Maya receiving a snack-size bag of chips.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees that for adults, nothing beats a good couples costume. I'll be Popeye, you be Olive Oyl!

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