Nice Find!: 8-Year Old Girl Discovers 1,500 Year Old Sword In Swedish Lake

October 5, 2018


Seen here looking suspiciously like the sword I lost in a lake over a thousand years ago, this is a shot of the 1,500-year old pre-viking era sword that 8-year old Saga Vanecek found in Lake Vidostern in Sweden while vacationing with her family. That's awesome it was found, but I really would like it back now.

The level of the water was extremely low at the time, owing to a drought, which is probably why Saga uncovered the ancient weapon.

"I felt something in the water and lifted it up. Then there was a handle and I went to tell my dad that it looked like a sword," Saga told the Sveriges Radio broadcaster.

The local museum, where the sword is now being kept, said it was extremely well-preserved.

Saga's discovery led the museum and local council to carry out further excavations at the site, finding a brooch from the 3rd Century.

The Jonkoping county museum said that its investigation of the lake is unfinished and it could yet turn up more ancient items.

I wonder how many people it's killed. "I thought it was yours, shouldn't you know?" I mean it is mine, but you can't expect an undead warlock to remember just how many enemies he slayed fifteen hundred years ago. "Not again with the undead warlock shit." Listen -- this is my world we're living in, okay? If you don't like it you can be sword victim number 2,274. "But--" Of course I kept count I just wanted to brag.

Keep going for a BBC news report while I wonder if *putting on cool guy shades* she also found any Swedish Fish.

Thanks to Scott R, who plans on hitting the lake this weekend and bringing back at least an old crossbow.

  • Astaroth

    She has the perfect name for this.

  • Gilbert

    Sveriges is just the Swedish way of saying Sweden's....

    Just FYI....

  • GeneralDisorder

    When I was 8 the only thing I found in a lake was money. Actually a decent amount too. Who the hell goes swimming with cash in their pockets? And of those people who the hell goes swimming with $20 bills in their pocket? I found one $20 and found something like $200 that summer. My swimming goggles paid for themselves.

  • Nicholas Conrad

    That's one grody blade, see that's why you never put the good knives in the dishwasher!

  • lushkneebumbuild

    so that makes her king of sweeden now right?

    or wait, no...are they the ones with a king who's beard is part of a table?

    edit- no that wasn't them

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Modern times : Merlin is female now.

  • Bling Nye

    I assume she's been made Queen now.

  • GeneralDisorder

    That's a pretty terrible system of government. Do the people know about this? I'd expect significant resistance from those who don't believe in lake magic.

  • lushkneebumbuild

    pfft like the current system is really any better

  • Jenness

    One would sure hope so.

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