7+ Hours/Day: Man Diagnosed With Technology Addiction Clinic's First Case Of Netflix Addiction

October 9, 2018


A man in India has been diagnosed with the country's technology addition clinic's first case of Netflix addiction, after binging on movies and shows an average of more than 7 hours a day (for reference, Netflix says the average watcher consumes 50 minutes/day). Unfortunately, the man wasn't living the dream like I was expecting, and instead was trying to hide from the reality of six months of unemployment. That is not as cool as just being rich and bored.

Manoj Kumar Sharma, a clinical psychologist at the institute's Service for Healthy Use of Technology (SHUT), told the Hindu that the man turned to Netflix to escape pressures from family to find a job, forgetting his problems and deriving "immense pleasure from it."

SHUT launched in 2014 as India's first clinic dedicated to treating technology addiction, according to Nihmans, and also conducts skills and awareness workshops around technology addiction.

The man's bingeing began first thing in the morning, leading to eye strain, fatigue and disturbed sleep, the newspaper reported. Treating his condition will involve five-minute breathing exercises every hour to relieve stress, according to New Delhi's The Print, along with therapy and career counseling.

First of all, my girlfriend can binge Netflix for six hours straight without batting an eye (or blinking). It's not like she's doing it every day though, just every Saturday and sometimes Sunday. Me? I'm not much of a Netflix binger. I just can't sit around plowing through show after show after show like some people. "Says the guy who played Assassin's Creed Odyssey for 27 hours on Saturday." Haha, I did do that. "Yeah, but how did you do that?" How do you think? I went back in time to play for three more hours before Sunday morning.

Thanks to Ash, who agrees too much Netflix is only a problem if you have something else you should be doing.

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