Video Of A Python Demonstrating Its Tree-Climbing Abilities

September 6, 2018


This is a video of a coastal carpet python in Australia demonstrating the ease with which it can climb a tree (with only a few branches more than a telephone pole), presumably to chow down on some young Ewoks. Also, for you vertical video haters out there: the person filming rotates the camera right around 0:48, so you might want to close the clip then before you're launched into a fit of rage (despite the arguable appropriateness of filming a snake climbing a tree vertically). And speaking of fits of rage *sits down launching button from jeans, ricochets off cubicle wall, cracks computer monitor* "They're all that actually do still fit anymore?" Sad but true.

Keep going for the video while I plan how I'm going to live the rest of my life in an airship.

Thanks to hairless, who may or may not be a snake himself. Dum dum dum! "I'm not." So he says. "I can type." I've seen snakes can hunt and peck before.

  • Jenness

    WTF walks along in the forest and then sees this monstrosity rearing up a good 3 feet off the ground and whips out their cell phone to video tape it instead of running like hell far far away?!?

  • Doog


  • Antony Lacan

    I can recommend an excellent writing service

  • Homestar

    Wait, we have carpet pythons now?

  • Geekologie

    no, carpet pythons have us now

  • Doog


  • TheQiwiMan

    Tree is me getting here first.

    Snake is Bling and his complete inability to not slither up on my comments.

    Video recorder who can't decide how to film something is Eric Ord unable to decide if I'm his friend or enemy.

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