Video Of A Fire Tornado Trying To Steal A Fire Hose

September 18, 2018

This is a video from a firefighting crew in British Columbia of a 200-foot tall fire tornado trying to swallow their fire hose, and eventually melting it. We get it, God, you're angry. Not all of us are bad though, some of us are just out here trying to live good lives. "You fought a man in line at the coffee shop this morning for trying to pay for your drink." I'm not your pity-case, Mr. Pay It Forward! "Then what happened?" I realized I'd forgotten my wallet. "Sooooo..." So I chased him down and demanded the money after all. "Wow, you really are the salt of the earth." I am the red pepper flakes of the universe.

Keep going for the firenado in action (plus a backup in case Instagram doesn't work). Also, props to the firefighter in the video who demonstrates the advanced firefighting technique of chucking a rock at it. You don't learn that your first day of firefighting school.

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Thanks to Irina and cjcjcjcj, who agree if a firenado wants your hose, you let it have your hose and cut your loses.

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